Clinic Schedule 2019


5-7  |  Los Angeles, California
Classes: Foundation Horsemanship (9:00 AM) and Horsemanship 1 (1:30 PM)

Sponsor: Sally Sandor and Sandy Pellegrin
Phone: 323-662-8085, 213-247-7157
Facebook: Sandy Pellegrin
Venue: JPK Ranch, 9233 Sierra Highway, Agua Dulce
Details: JPK Ranch is located off highway at 9261. Enter ranch under the JPK Ranch sign on left. Spectators do not need reservations just pay at the gate. Bring a chair. Sorry no dogs.

12-14  |  Santa Ynez, California
Classes: Foundation Horsemanship 1 (9:00 AM), Horsemanship 1 (1:30 PM)

Sponsor: Captain & Frankee Fullilove
Phone: 805-766-6779
Venue: Santa Ynez Valley Equestrian Center, 195 North Refugio Road
Details: Outdoor arena with stadium seating. Bring a chair for closer viewing.

25-28  |  Carmel Valley, California
Classes: Colt Class (9:00-4:30 on 4/25 then 9:00 to 12:00 4/26-28), Horsemanship 1 (1:30 PM 4/26-28)

Sponsor: Bonnie Stoehn
Phone: 831-457-2224
Venue: Carmel Valley Trail & Saddle Club, 85 E. Garzas Road
Details: A beautiful location with an arena with excellent footing. Covered viewing areas. Food on-site and camping for participants. Call regarding the colt class registration. Sorry no dogs.

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